March 20, 2010

Kent Rogowski, Bears, Have Issues, Need Hug


The reaction among Teddy Bear Artists to Kent Rogowski's Bears series, which consist of portraits of abandoned teddy bears turned inside out, runs the gamut from shocked_bears.jpg to angry_bears.jpg.

But if there's one thing they can agree on, it's that a man who can inflict such violent harm on sweet, loving Teddy Bears--Bears who ask for nothing more than to be able to provide unconditional love and comfort to innocent children long after the no-good, drunk, abusive, cruel, selfish, and insensitive adults in their lives have done their irreparable worst and moved on--must have some serious unresolved issues from his childhood, and that he'd do well to seek professional counseling rather than unleash his demons on these poor, innocent, loving Teddy Bears who just--

As with so many victims of abuse, Rogowski's Bears continue to seek some pale semblance of love from the cold, indifferent embrace of the market. In addition to the book + limited edition photo combination mentioned previously, the artist has recently published some Bears with 20x200, the awesome online gallery run by my friend and art-for-all hero Jen Bekman.

Though they are sold individually, they are published as a pair. By not separating them, you can break the intergenerational cycle of pain and help the healing begin.

I just can't stand it ... modern "teddy bear" art [ via @jenbekman]
#51 (Bears), Kent Rogowski, $50-$2000 []
Kent Rogowski's portfolio site []

Previously, March 2007: Yes, bears were harmed in the making of these photographs

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