March 19, 2010

Dads Are Not People, Too

DT reader Cecelia writes in a panic: "Celebrity Baby Blog is People!"


When the history of pro blogging is written, Danielle and Celebrity Baby Blog will stand at the peak. She correctly identified the most powerful active ingredient in the media hose the Entertainment Industrial Complex is soaking us with. Then she isolated and relentlessly reblogged it, refining the corporate giants' own addictive product to a deadly, highly monetizable potency. And then, at the peak of the market, she turned around and sold the whole crack trafficking operation back to the biggest kingpin of them all, People Magazine.

That was almost two years ago. Now with their new redesign, People has completely assimilated CBB back into the corporate product. And in case you're wondering how a shirtless Hugh Jackman frolicking with his kid on the beach feels about being relegated to the Moms & Babies page, People will be liveblogging the red carpet for the premiere of Van Helsing 2: Vampire Day Care next week. So subscribe to their Twitter! now redirects []


CBB was one of my favorite blogs--its been bad since People took it over but this past week, when it turned into a page of People, I removed it from my daily blog roll. Too bad. But I guess good for Danielle- they must have paid her pretty well.

Just like when Mrs. fields sold out. The original is never the same. And now readers can't even leave snarky comments!

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