March 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Happy Meal!

The other day, I put on a blazer I hadn't worn for a while, and found a bloated plastic bag of moldering apple slices from a McDonald's Happy Meal. I actually found it somewhat comforting, because I'd remembered hearing about some locavore nerd professor or whomever who had a pristine 2-year-old McDonald's cheeseburger on his desk.

So I was pretty primed when DT reader Nate sent this photo of author Nonna Joann Bruso's Happy Meal on its first birthday. Her site's been offline both times I tried to visit it, but Consumerist has the scoop.


Happy Birthday To My Happy Meal! [ via consumerist, thanks dt reader nate]


Crazy. I saw fries and a burger on a film, I can't remember the name now. But it did give me pause. With all of those preservatives what does it do in our bodies?

Probably the DVD extras on Super Size Me. Highly recommended.

Boy, those fries look tasty.

Someone throw that happy meal a party! And no, you cant hold it in the McDonalds fun zone. Thats like throwing a birthday party at your workplace. Not fun!

[dude, the idea of promoting your party invitation business on a post about throwing a party for year-old food is just ridiculous enough that I am going to leave your PR-spam here. Congratulations. -ed.]

I think I saw the unhappy meal on another site.

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