March 17, 2010

The Lagonda Wagon Is For Sale.


And at EUR199,900, I suspect it might be for sale for a little while.

True, it's the only Aston Martin Lagonda station wagon conversion in existence. And it was done by Roos Engineering, Switzerland's Aston Martin masters, in 1998-99 for a Hong Kong owner. [Roos has done two other shooting brake conversions: a V8 Vantage and a LWB Virage, and he's supposedly working on a Rapide--holy smokes]. And it was recently completely restored. And it only has 1800 km on it since 1987.


And 1987 means it is one of the last Lagondas, a Series 3, without the pop-up headlight problems, and with the third and final version of the futuristic instrument panel [the LED and CRT versions which preceded it having been known for their general suckitude, which is not something one likes to find in a $150,000 car, but the late Series 3's are probably the most highly refined Lagondas of them all.] And it has two A/C's and an electric rear gate.


And, uh, and.... You know, it is freaking awesome, but also ridiculous. And buying it for 200,000 euros would be the only thing crazier than buying ten normal Lagondas for 200,000 euros, which you could totally do, with change to spare.

Now if it were 150,000 euros, well then...

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I love Lagondas, but that is one godawful, awkward conversion. Looks like a camper shell. Also, for 200k I require split folding rear seats.

That would be an odd sight on the streets of Hong Kong.

Why did they use a left-hand-drive Vagonda for a Hong Kong customer?

Didn't Aston Martin make right-hand-drive Vagondas?

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