March 17, 2010

Quirky Canada Has Own Laws, Stroller Theft Ring-Bustin' Dads

Toronto really IS New York, only cleaned up.

If you lived in New York in the 90s, and you had a bike, it would get stolen regularly, and so you'd have to go down to Alphabet City and "buy" it back from a sidewalk used bike seller. It was just the city's way of reminding you, $20-40 at a time, that you should keep your bike inside.

So then I read about Lindsay Taylor, Toronto's most famous stroller vigilante dad, who tracked down his jacked Phil & Teds double on Craigslist within a couple of hours, and then, armed with just with a camera and a Gandhi-esque wingman ["We're both very non-violent people,"] managed to retrieve it.

And it's not the use of craigslist, or the existence of an apparently well-organized stroller theft operation--hell, can you imagine explaining even the concept of stroller theft to someone parenting in the pre-Bugaboo era?--that blows my mind. It's that people in Toronto are apparently comfortable leaving their expensive strollers on the street, unattended, for hours at a time. That's not New York, people, that's Copenhagen.

Father retrieves stolen stroller in Craigslist sting [ via dt reader, advertiser, monte design impresario, and Canadian, Ralph]


2 words: bike lock.

Sorry, Canada has a five-word minimum: bike lock/ serrure de velo

Or don't leave your overpriced stroller on the front porch.

I know, right??

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