March 16, 2010

Overimagined Necessity Is The New Mother Of Invention

No idea why I thought of this right now:

Adults who become parents are usually challenged by their new role, with its responsibilities and anxieties. New parents also face previously unexplored values and attitudes that surface suddenly upon the birth of their baby, as well as new routines and new problems that need an immediate answer. Such challenges often elicit a heightened emotional response, so that mundane matters suddenly make for excessive worry.
- Barry Zuckerman, MD, Pamela M. Zuckerman, MD, Daniel J. Siegel, MD, Contemporary Pediatrics, Apr 2005


As a mother who walks regularly, Brooklynite Micaela Birmingham discovered a design problem when going out with her child. "When my first daughter was a newborn, I proudly stepped out with my fancy stroller for our first walk to the park and was devastated that the sun was in my precious darling's eyes," she said.
And yet out of such emotional anguish arises something as crisp and clean as the CityShade, which is available for Bugaboos, your better Peg Peregos, UppaBabys, and iCandy strollers.

Motherhood really is a miracle and a mystery that those of us who don't experience it firsthand can only appreciate incompletely.

CityMum CityShades are $70 [ via coolhunting, thanks dt reader nelson]


Looks like the back of a covered wagon.

The DT categorization under "blankets" says it all. Just drape the blanket that's probably already in your stroller over the canopy and you're all set. With the $70 you saved you can treat yourself with a couple rounds at the nearest Brooklyn kid friendly bar.

I hear Phil and Teds' new stroller comes with a side detachable fainting-couch.

So I spent the $70 -hey whatever keeps or allows the kid to get to sleep in the stroller...I'm all for it because then you can drink that beer without risking an nervous ulcer as he/she wails away and you have guzzle the $8 pint you intended to savour and instead wallow out of the bar with a guilty buzz.

I just came back from the park and all the MILF (in my dreams)'s kept asking me about my "cool" looking shade- It's been an interesting period of time in my life, getting barfed on and cleaning shit, so it's been a while since that adjective was used to describe anything connected to me.

Thank You City Shade

LOL A rather dramatic quote, but you have to admit it is a good idea. Blankets get caught in wheels, and hinges, this takes care of that.

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