March 15, 2010

Ahh, Spring: Birds, Flowers, Marilyn Neuhart Dolls At Auction


I'll admit it, when it comes to writing about some seemingly basic new parent topics, I feel a bit burned out sometimes. It gives me a new-found appreciation for the folks who write parenting magazines and have to come up with slightly new ways to write the same exact stories month after month, year after year.

On the bright side, sticking to it for a while does make it possible to put things in some perspective. To be able to compare, to identify some longer-term historical shifts.


And so I can say, for example, when I post about yet another pair of classic, Textiles & Objects-era Marilyn Neuhart stuffed dolls coming up for auction at Wright 20 next week, I can see that the estimates [$500-700] for these vintage dolls are down 50-70% from a couple of years ago.

Lot 437, March 23, 2010: Marilyn Neuhart doll, c. 1961, est. $500-700 []
Lot 439: Marilyn Neuhart lion, c. 1961, est. $500-700 []


These dolls look like ones sold at Franc Franc a few years back. Know if they were licensed?

Neuhart's still going strong, and she started making new ones, too. I suspect Francfranc would've gone to the source.

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