March 11, 2010

Shh, No Questions. You'll Scare Them Away

The NY Times has breathless, slightly dangerous account of traveling into the exotic, unwaxed, third world-y wilds of babywearing. Well, technically, they just visited some basecamps on Park Avenue and 7th Avenue, Brooklyn to meet some intrepid adventuresses.

And considering a tremendous kicker, you'd think they might have actually, you know, talked to a dad with a sling. But no.

Baby carrier-using dads are a shy, skittish species, who can only be observed from a distance as they venture out in their natural habitats: Manhattan streets, and Brooklyn parks and watering holes.

Waitaminnit, didn't I just read that all the watering holes were filled with strollers?

Original headline: Baby Snuggled In A Sling, but Safe?The Latest In Strollers? Mom and Dad [nytimes]


Did you see that the article is run under the "fashion & style" label? That has to count for something at least.

Leave it to The Times Style section to include "The Latest" in the title and "Hardly new" in the article to describe baby wearing.
I've always run in pretty mainstream circles and can remember friends and family with babies in slings from the late 70's early 80's. Maybe there are more sling/wrap/carrier options than there used to be but there are also more stroller options.

Or to hang the story on the awful Eggers movie from six months ago which no one saw or liked.

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