March 10, 2010

Mathowie's iPhone Apps For Kids

It might look like I'm slow to finally link to Matt Haughey's recommended screenful of iPhone games for kids.


But really, I was just waiting to see how long it would take his commenters to mention Pee Monkey, the best app for toilet training future Pikes or boys at sea.

Us, we get by on a mic-less, camera-less iPod Touch, which we try not to use in restaurants. Usually, it comes out at the restless end of a long drive--or a long flight. The kid is pretty good with Brushes, and she likes Labyrinth 3D, too.

But mostly we use it to watch a small collection of ripped YouTube videos [I download them using a Greasemonkey script installed in Firefox]:

  • vintage Sesame Street

  • Schoolhouse Rock

  • Pantsu Pankuro, the toilet training cartoons from NHK

  • Pitagora Suicchi's Rube Goldberg credit sequences

  • Carl Sagan

K2 has gotten alarmingly good at operating the video player herself. Makes me scared for the iPad.

My Recommended Kid Games []


Care to share the name of that Greasemonkey script to download the youtube vids?

Speaking of monkeys, a great app for younger kids is 'toy monkey jr.', it's this little interactive stuffed toy... good for when you forget that teddy bear at home!

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