March 5, 2010

DT Friday Freakout: It's What's For Dinner Edition

Lots of scary food news to freak out over this week, enough to make the idea of eliminating every scrap of food in coach sound downright safe. If only there weren't 5-year-olds flying all the planes:

  • Our American Toddlers are snacking themselves into obese oblivion! Says some mom at the Boston Globe, when she saw a study showing that every kid [98%] aged 2-18 [18!] eat snacks in 2006, compared to just basically every kid [74%] thirty years ago. "[A]nd most of the kids reported that their go-to munchie was salty chips or crackers or sugary candy." Salt & sugar? Isn't that like combining sex & violence? I thought the problem was carbs and HFCS. Or anything & TV. [ via dt sr freakout correspondent sara]
  • Apparently, all the fish oil is full of PCB's, and only a fearless, litigating surfer and fish activist can stop it? Their lawsuit will definitely be a setback for the newly re-opened Gowanus Canal Fishery. [ via their publicist]
  • Hydrolized vegetable protein is some food additive, from Nevada, which contains salmonella. It is in everything, and it's all been recalled. Unless it's food you cook, which are fine. []
  • Unless it's hot dogs, which are deadly choke sticks. []
  • The 100-yen store Daiso has agreed to pay a $2 million fine and to stop selling kid-related products until such time as they can get it through their cheap-ass heads not to import lead toys anymore. []

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I guess anything is bad for you if you have too much of it! Eat well, often and a varied diet and you can't go wrong.

Oh, and don't lick 9V batteries. I was told to do it when I was a kid in school, and it wasn't fun.

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