March 2, 2010

Drinkin' & Drivin' The Dadwagon

So awesome, and yet so reasonable! CNN has a great story about Dadwagon's own Matt Gross, whose adorable 1-yo daughter is apparently harshing buzzes in bars all over Brooklyn.

I'd clicked the article open and was going to read it later, until someone retweeted it, saying, "Matt Gross, you sir, are an ASS."

Sounds like someone needs a drink. Or a nap.

Brooklyn brewhaha: Babies in bars [cnn via @dadwagon]

Disclosure: CNN once advertised Glenn Beck on this site. We both regretted it in the morning.

DRUNK COMMENTBRAWL UPDATE Holy Smokes, Dadwagon may be the first dadblog to need a bouncer. They've been overrun by an unruly mob of commenters ashamed to be drinking in front of a toddler.


OK. Enough.

Someone needs to open a mummydaddy bar and stop whinging.

That 'you're an ASS' tweet was just the beginning for Matt. Lots of people apparently want to punch him in the face for bringing his baby along. Entertaining comments, anyhow:

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