March 1, 2010

Chavtastic Leopard Print Bubble Dress [?]


Because one of the biggest milestones in a chav toddler's life is when she pulls herself onto her feet using her mom's stripper pole.

"With deep pockets little girls love [to stuff full of fivers]" Leopard Print Bubble Dress, Oh Baby London, £30 [ via @anorakmagazine


Maybe it's an LA thing, but I think that dress is adorable. My 5 year old wears cheetah with converse all the time- what's the problem?

They have heels at least 12 centimetres high, red soles and are so hot that every woman wants a pair.Christian Louboutin’s shoes could soon be strutting all over the Middle East as the company is set to open three of its own stores in the region.

yeah, it's probably an LA thing. LA, London, and Dubai, which is why I'm leaving the Louboutin spam.

All a little darling needs now is a faux Burberry cap, 4K gold chains, and some crappy American trainers and she's ready for the worst areas of the UK, and their 'Jerry Springer' equivalent.

Wow, guys, where have you been? Leopard is not just for strippers and chavs - how hilarious!
Of course we can't expect you to keep up with fashion, but maybe you guys should try spending less time thinking about strippers and more time reading Vogue if you fancy yourselves as fashion commentators.

Ironically, it was just a year ago yesterday, while writing about a Leopard skin Bugaboo, that I was saying I need more people who read Daddy Types and Vogue.

Which, by my count, makes leopard print "so last year."

You obviously didn't find them ;)

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