March 1, 2010

Ado Blocks By Ko Verzuu


Alright, now that I bought them, I can post about these incredible blocks designed by Ko Verzuu in the 1940s and made by ADO, the Dutch toy and furniture company run by and for the mentally disabled community patients in a TB sanatorium. [see comments.]

Are they awesome? Or did I just think so because I was snowed in for a week, staring at Gerhard Richter color grids with the kid?

Slide puzzle by Ko Verzuu for ADO ca 1940s - SOLD [ via dt senior enabler andy]
Previously: 4900 Fuse Beads, after Gerhard Richter


Yes, they're pretty awesome--great find, Greg. I've only seen them in b&w photos, so it is nice to see the colors. The description lists the set as a slide puzzle: I'll be interested to hear if this is the case, or if they are building blocks/laying tiles.

The ADO toys were made at a TB sanatorium, by the way, not by the mentally disabled.

I assume they're actually tiles/blocks. I asked, and they don't have any tongue/groove sliding mechanisms, though I'm sure they could be played with that way.

For original antique ADO toys made by Ko Verzuu check:

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