February 22, 2010

American Kids Don't Need No Kaufladen To Sell Their Apples On The Street


Kids in the US get play kitchens. Kids in Germany get play sales kiosks. Which country has a childhood obesity problem and which one has already pulled out of the recession? That's what I thought.

Kaufladen by Hase-Weiss, EUR290 [haseweiss.de via baroque babies, thanks laura]


And just like their parents, the American kids don't know how to use their fancy stainless steel kitchens.

haha, what the world needs now is more granite & steel play kitchens


There are the Hase Weiss (Rabbit White) play kitches.

Thanks for the link!

if we (the germans and i guess everyone else too) buy a fruit at a kaufladen the salesperson says "5 euro" and the customer slaps an empty hand on the salespersons hand and that is payment! how about that!?!

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