February 17, 2010


I know it says it's perfect for pregnant women and nursing mothers, but if there's one place the Kush intra-breast sleep support device fits perfectly, is on the top of The List Of Stuff You Probably Should Check With The Mrs. About First Before Buying. [via afc]


I think "uh" is the perfect category for this.

I didn't realize there was huge market demand for women who wanted to sleep with a dildo between their breasts. Shows what I know.

show's what I know. that thing looks fatter than any dildo I've ever seen.

Dude, we're so not having this conversation.

agreed. hey, look over there! modernist dollhouse!

The idea of a Giacometti doll is still creeping me out. I saw the retrospective in Montreal about 10 years ago, and the real thing creeped me out, too.

How about a plush Picasso goat? That'd be nice.

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