February 16, 2010

The Golden Book Of Chemistry Experiments


At first, the idea that the 1960 Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments was teaching America's Youth how to make deadly chlorine gas at home makes me sad for the decline of Education, Science, and Progress in These United States. Because we sure don't teach kids that stuff now, and the book was apparently banned, or at least withdrawn from libraries.

But then I started adding it all up--from malls and suburbs to mutually assured destruction to global warming to Social Security & Medicare reform to the housing bubble--and now I think that maybe Baby Boomers are actually a giant, nationwide sleeper cell. And if we don't cater to their every demagogic, demographic whim, they might sneak down to our kitchens and gas us in our sleep. Don't trust anyone over 60!

Get smart, get the pdf! Banned Book - The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments [about.com via boingboing]


I went looking for one of these a few years back, the editions in question run to many hundreds of dollars.

I'd be surprised if the banning wasn't an urban legend.

What a gorgeous book! I can't wait to be back in the land of yard sales and thrift stores.

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