February 11, 2010

Skiing Lessons Indeed

We really want the kid to learn how to ski. Real skiing on real snow, too, none of that sad manmade ice-on-a-little-hill fake skiing they have on the East Coast. So we booked a trip to to Utah. Leaving today.

Assuming National Airport ever reopens. And assuming we can get to the airport without our car, which was buried again yesterday up to the door handles on a street that DC will never, ever plow, and not even because it's currently blocked on both ends: one by some suburban moron abandoned his Honda after spinning it sideways, Austin Powers-style, and the other by a teetering meat delivery truck.

And assuming my mother-in-law can bring our travel carseat to us from Reston, since we didn't think we needed to bring it home two weeks ago, why would we? I hear there's about 3-in. of new snow on the ground in Salt Lake City, too, so there should be even more than that in the mountains. And it's supposed to keep snowing through Saturday.

On the bright side, our luggage is all right here with us.


Nice, we're leaving Vancouver tomorrow before the Olympics -- hope to get some skiing in while we're in Japan (at least they have snow there!), there's a 10 foot base at the hill up the road from my inlaws' place.

Good luck! Where are you skiing? Deer Valley is built for families and a great place for kids to learn how to ski, though I think Alta is cheaper.

Alta is my favorite mountain. Spent a winter during college working at Park City but got on the bus to Alta as often as I could. Still, for teaching a young kid to ski, any mountain should do.

Nice, but I don't think this is the time to joke about fake snow in the East Coast.

Went to Austria this past weekend to get our 4YO son on the slopes. He had a great time! But I hear you on the fake East Coast snow. Sking/snowboarding in the Alps does not even compare!

It bothers me when people say there is no "real" skiing in the east.....ever been to the areas in Vermont, New Hampshire or Maine ?

Maybe it is becauise you need to be a more technical skier to ski in the east because of the conditions ? I have skied many places out west and know that the there are places in the east that can stand up to almost all of them.

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