February 4, 2010

More Words K2 Gets Amusingly Wrong

iPod = iPog
smoke or steam, as comes out of the sidewalk or the middle of the street = Holy Smokes!

The first is just mis-hearing, but holy smokes? That reminds me that she's not just making these up; she's picking them up from the people around her.

Which is why she wanders around with her toy cell phone pressed to her ear, going, "It's me."

And why the kid surprised me at the same age by exclaiming, "Dude!" and I learned that's what my wife says to drivers who cut her off on the freeway.

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too funny...

my daughter (just under 2, still saying short phrases, not whole sentences) has started to say "knock knock" - while physically knocking on the table or whatever is nearby.
if you ask who's there, sometimes the answer is gibberish, different each time, but often it is "no one".

not sure where she came up with any of this...

mine says "fuck movie" instead of "fantastic mr. fox." she'll be 2 in march.

I think we have a winner

My favorite is when our middle child was two and used to say "Oh for having snakes!" instead of "for Heaven's sakes." We still say that all the time. :)

personal fav from a friend's kid: Buzz Light Beer

Yeah, we went through a brief "fire fuck" stage whenever our little guy heard sirens. It was really hard to keep a straight face while gently correcting, "fire truck?"

We've got "Starfucks", but my favourite is this: my husband is a business professor, who foolishly told our son "Let's do business" when a poopy diaper needed changing. Yup, according to our son, my husband is a "Poo-poo professor".

LOL, my 3YO kid still says "holy smokes" for fire, as in "My dad put all the papers in the holy smokes."

We're desperately hoping that by next year's holidays our 2yo is still saying "eggnob".

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