February 3, 2010

MoMA/Creative Playthings Collage Kit Definitely Worth Preserving In The Box


Wow, Airform Archives posted a mint-in-box Collage and Construction Set, "A Project by The Museum of Modern Art, New York, and Creative Playthings, Princeton, NJ"

It looks like the perfect companion for Art for the Family the 1960 book by MoMA's director of education, Victor d'Amico.

It also, truth be told, looks pretty much the same as any decent pile of craft materials, and it pales in comparison to the veritable craft trunk my mom got the kids for Christmas.

It's like how, after watching a computer-animated homage to be-bop on Backyardigans, you turn on the Charlie Brown Christmas Special and it looks like a class project strung together from 3-panel comic strips. Some things really are better in the future.

Or at least pipe cleaners and ric-rac: When a box is full of inspiration... [airform archives]

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