February 2, 2010

Marxist Bill Martins Are Everywhere!

Holy smokes, Matt from DadWagon has an awesome IM chat with Bill Martin, the Marxist one who wrote Ethical Marxism: The Categorical Imperative of Liberation, not the Marxist one who tried sneaking his capitalist-hating propaganda into Texas schools disguised as a brown bear.

Here is Martin on finally becoming a vegetarian:

and then one day I was at a gyro place in Chicago, looking at that hunk of lamb on the metal rod, and thinking of the line from William Blake, "little lamb, who made thee?" And I thought, "what could possibly justify this?"

Bill Martin, Bill Martin, that sounds like the children's book you should write--Little Lamb, Little Lamb, with illustrations by Blake.

Sure, or someone better at that sort of thing should write it. Then they can ban it in Texas!

Isn't that just like a Marxist Bill Martin, always trying to infiltrate Our Capitalist System From Within! Nice work luring him out of hiding, DadWagon!

Q&A: Bill Martin, Bill Martin, What Do You See? [dadwagon]

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