January 29, 2010

Cybex Strollers Recalled For Maclaren-Style Fingermunching


While it took Maclaren ten years and a million finger-munching strollers to earn a CPSC recall, Feisty upstart Cybex got theirs in less than six months.

Cybex was introduced to the US market last fall by Regal Lager, the distributor who built Phil & Teds' presence here. Though they've sold just 1,200 rigs since August, the hinges on Cybex's Ruby, Onyx, and Topaz umbrella strollers are already proving they can munch tiny fingers just as well as the market leader, Maclaren.

Well, almost as well. 1200 Cybexes have only fractured one kid's finger so far, while a million Maclarens have amputated at least 12. So while they lose in severity, they might make it up in frequency. Good luck!

Yes, there's a hinge cover kit available: Regal Lager Announces Recall to Repair CYBEX Strollers; Risk of Fingertip Amputation and Laceration Hazards [cpsc]


I'm puzzled as to why the Callisto is not included in this recall. A different fold mechanism?

You got it right. The three recalled strollers all have hinges in the middle of the front strut, the piece which runs right along the front/sides of the seat. Kids stick their fingers in there when it's unfolding.

I'm pretty sure this whole thing would have never came to light if parents didn't leave their kids in the stroller while they're folded up... (Seriously, I think you mentioned it in one of your first posts, but how do parents let their kids get close enough to get a finger in there anyway?)

HAH, there's a warning label I would like to see:


I wouldn't be surprised if the lawyers aren't already working on that label, Greg!

BTW, I'm puzzled about the Cybex Callisto because it is also an umbrella stroller.

Greg, I had an old Evenflo with that warning lable. I was so confused.
My pack N Play had a similar warning.

wow, some parents are crazy. why would you fold a stroller while your child is still in it?

wow, thats not cool, all strollers should be able to fold while the baby is still in it.... lol ya right,

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