January 21, 2010

The Granddaughter Of A Millworker

Congratulations to former North Carolina senator, VP nominee, and 2008 presidential candidate John Edwards for acknowledging the birth of his now-2yo daughter. Only a year after the National Enquirer totally busted him on it. And right before the political aide he paid to pretend to be the baby daddy--and to steal a diaper for him so he could check the kid's paternity yourself--publishes his tell-all book.

You'll always be at the top of my list, John! My list Of Pathologically Lying, Faux-Populist Narcissists I'm $#%ing Relieved Will Never Be President. At least until Palin loses in 2012.

Edwards Admits Paternity Of Rielle Hunter's Child [talkingpointsmemo]

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And now there's talk about Edwards' redemption. The public will act as if this were the only black mark on an otherwise perfect human being. We are probably a few short years from seeing Edwards back in politics. Shame on America for not seeing him as a hollow shell of a man at best but more likely the "pathologically lying...narcissist" you identify him as. He should never have been considered a viable presidential candidate. I'm horrified to think that he might be again.

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