January 18, 2010

Curious George, Wrath Of God


"But is it really George's fault? Or is it the Man in The Yellow Hat's fault for taking an agent of chaos out of the wilderness, and trying against all hope to civilize him?"

I've given it some serious thought, and I am ready to declare Werner Herzog reading telling the story of Curious George the single greatest video I've seen in my six years of dadblogging.

Of course, it is fake, and I'm left alone on a raft, trapped in an eddy, a screaming, defenseless madman who let fly the top spot on his greatest video list at a shimmering phantom.

Werner Herzog Reads Curious George [youtube via c-monster]
"So I've finally finished a personal project since moving to/adjusting to Hartford, CT..." [stupid is the new awesome]

1 Comment

I find it hard to believe you could have enjoyed it as much as I. But I feel so...white...now.

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