January 17, 2010

NYT Reporter Shocked, SHOCKED To Find Toddling Going On In Park Slope Bar

This just in from NY Times investigative reporter Risa Chubinsky: some parents in Park Slope are reportedly bringing their kids to bars, where alcohol is consumed by the kidded and kid-free alike.

The story is illustrated by a shocking picture of a bottle of milk next to a glass of beer--that dates from 2004.

Complaint Box | Baby Barflies [nyt]


I totally agree with the writer. Bars are not your living room.

I agree with the hypothetical point, but there's nothing actually happening here. The author saw some toddlers at an afternoon cooking/tasting event held at a venue which used to feature a Sunday afternoon parents day with moonbounce and kids musicians. The other two examples were complete hearsay "umm... this one time, like, some parents totally freaked out on my friends at the Gate". Its sad that the NYT has a secret desire to be Gawker. Why else would they bother to post this same tired poorly written crap?

It should also be pointed out that although this article presents itself as being about, yet again, Park effing Slope. Two out of the alleged three alleged incidents and the header photo are from bars/restaurants/coffeeshops in other neighborhoods, just sayin'.

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