January 17, 2010

DTQ: So The Kid Wants To Boogie

Alright, I realize I haven't yet explained how and why the kid ended up with an iPod Nano, so I'll get back to that. Right now, she just wants to boogie, and I'm a bit conflicted about which funky disco playlist to imprint on her impressionable little brain.

While the dance music question is not as important as which order to show them Star Wars, it's not that obvious, either [4, 5, 6, 2, 3, duh]. I mean, I'm happy to give her the Old School grounding:

But what do you do with 1990s dance music like Dee-lite, or Crystal Waters which,--let's face it--is getting pretty old, too?


You would show your children 2 and 3!!!! I'm leaving 1,2&3 for them to discover on their own. There's no keeping them from the juggernaut but I will do what I can.

It's all so clean in theory. In practice, we haven't gotten past the cantina scene in Mos Eisley.

Han shot first.

The obvious answer is to get the kid a couple hours of DnB and let her go hard.

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