January 8, 2010

Belgian Waffling: Breastfeeding Cafes Will Open Twice A Month

So I think I'm reading this right.Yesterday was the first day for the Mamma Cafe in Brussels, a 20-location, breastfeeding-friendly cafe designed to support breastfeeding moms and families, and to help overcome womens' reservations about breastfeeding in public

Feedings will happen "every first Thursday and third Saturday" of the month, so as not to detract from Belgian moms' preference for pumping in private shame at home.

Also, if you don't believe my theory that Dutch is English designed by Germans, just try reading this headline out loud.

Belgi√ę opent borstvoedingscaf√©'s; hoe hip is dat! [kinderspul via dt reader/loopfietsmeister jan]
Mammacafe.be [mammacafe.be]


"hoe hip is dat!" please tell me you didn't make that up because that is hilarious! But I don't understand why the Belgians would be so uptight about breastfeeding when the Germans will whip out a breast anytime and anywhere. Oh then again...

I've thought the exact same thing about Dutch, that's hilarious. I had a Dutch art history professor in school who used expressions from her language directly translated into English; you could figure out what she meant but it was pretty bizarre.

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