January 6, 2010

Club Libby Lu Now Black Folks' Problem


Part of me doesn't even want to go there, but yesterday this BMW flipped a U turn right in front of me, from the far right lane. Fortunately, I was stopped dead by the horrifying adwrapping, and disaster was averted.

At least for me, if not for the birthday partiesful of young black girls getting their first hot pink mani-pedi/runway bootyshaking while their dads are downstairs having a cheesesteak. It's like the worst karma of all 45 bankrupt Club Libby Lu locations has been channeled into one NE DC kiddie spa, and the result is weekend after weekend of freshly minted mini-Tyra Bankses.

Though I have to admit, cheesesteak and funnel cake does sound tempting.

Spoiled Rotten Kids Boutique & Kids Spa [spoiledrottenboutiquenadspa.com]


Wow. Just wow. I guess I should be grateful that my 4yo just announced that he wanted his next BDay party at Pump It Up. How sweet would it be to fork over $375 for 10 kids to play video games...do they teach them how to throw gang signs (look at the photo's) as an added bonus?

and mini-pool. don't forget the mini-pool. I think they're all too bougie for gang signs, tho.

it's invaded Puerto Rico too... my Godfather emailed me some pictures of his granddaughter's 5th birthday, which he and his wife refused to attend out of principle because it was a "Princess Party"... makeup, tiaras & satin dresses, mani/pedis, the works. I almost barfed, but apparently they're all the rage.

What about the poor, defenseless car? It must be humiliated.

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