December 20, 2009

DT@FR day 3

I hate you lufthansa, not for stranding us twice, but for STILL not delivering our bags 3 days later. So now we are at the insane mega mall in Marseilles to buy clothes and Christmas again.

Mcdoalds, you I love, for your OG pies and the only free wifi in town. An excellent combo any time of year. Brb


Lufthansa somehow forgot our gate-checked Bug at Frankfurt (connecting to Düsseldorf), *but* when they said it would be delivered between 10 am and noon the next day, it was there promptly at 10. I wouldn't doubt but the delivery person parked around the block so as to not show up early.

I hope that somehow this kind of German efficiency brings your baggage to you soon.

"I wouldn't doubt but the delivery person parked around the block so as to not show up early."

Ha! I don't work for Lufthansa, but I am known for doing stuff like this, it drives my wife crazy :)

Sorry to hear your French holiday has started so badly. Mine is ending badly as we are "stuck" in Paris due to the Eurostar debacle and have missed our flight departing London for the US. We've rebooked everything for the 23rd now, but my two kids are ready to be somewhere other than a hotel or holiday flat. Good luck with your bags!

See? Sometimes it doesn't suck to be stuck in the middle of Kansas.

Not really. I hope you get your gear back before Christmas. Have a happy one, either way.

unfortunately, delivery's a bit complicated because we don't have an address. My MIL's house is in a tiny hilltop village with no street numbers. And as of a few minutes ago, Lufthansa still cannot even confirm the basic existence of three of our bags, never mind their location or delivery time. And their bags in Marseille are handled by a contractor whose logistical excellence remains, err, how you say, unproved.

But did you have a Royale with Cheese?

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