December 17, 2009

Look, Anyone Can Teach Any 2-YO 'Hamlet'

I really don't like just reposting random things. I like to be able to add a little context, a little more useful info where I can. And I'm very wary of just posting other peoples' random kid videos or photos or what not unprompted.

And so I've spent the last few days trying to figure out who this kid Theo is who Brian Cox teaches "Hamlet" to. [next on my to-do list: review basics of prepositions and sentence construction.] I assume he's a kid/grandkid/nephew/grandnephew/neighbor/agent's kid or whatever, someone for whom Brian Cox wandering into your home movie-filled YouTube channel is not that big a deal.

Theo certainly has a gift for mimicry and performance, though, and the description on the clip is a bit PR-ish and uses the all caps method for identifying films ["Brian Cox is now best known for his roles in Hollywood films like MANHUNTER..."] so I assume he's in an industry family.

Perhaps the YouTube username, hopscotchboss, is a clue. Hopscotch Films is currently producing Brian Cox's Jute Journey, a documentary about growing up in in a jutemaking immigrant family in Dundee. Yes, I'm sure that's it. John Archer, Clara Glynn, or Charlotte Wontner.

Anyway, not my point. What I wanted to say is, toddlers are sponges and parrots, and anyone can teach any kid to say basically anything, it's just a question of choice. So while it's cute and celebrifunny, it is not, as the tag asserts, "AMAZING." Unless they're referring to his accent, in which case, Theo's obviously the love child of Meryl Streep and Daniel Day-Lewis. DAY-UM.


I seldom wish to have recorded things that I didn't, but wouldn't have minded having one this summer, when Xavier was enjoying an outdoor shower at Sag Harbor. His cousin (age 3), from London, came around the corner, pointed at his groin and in pure West End English exclaimed, "He's got a willy!"

It's all in the accent, you see. If Theo were from, say, a West Virginia hilltown, THEN it would be awesome. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead, y'all.

At least teach the kid something that will come in useful in future. Like Spock's dying words to Kirk in the Wrath of Khan.

This is adorable, really - and indeed amazing to see how much the kid absorbs.

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Yeah, 2 year-olds are sponges. But this young man shows some fairly impressive cooperative patience - ya gotta admit.

I found it charming, as well.

Dang, and I thought I was good for teaching my Ophelia to say "hey nonny nonny" twirl and fall down

I am still proud of teaching my daughter the first part of The Jabberwocky...

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