December 10, 2009

I Pity The Cool


Now don't get me wrong, I like Cool Hunting, and I always will. They're like blogfamily, we go way back.

So it's not that I'm pissed to see the Babyplus Prenatal Education System, the pregnancy industry's most thoroughly bogus piece of deceptive, quack-scientific crap smack dab in the middle CH Kids Holiday Gift Guide; I'm disappointed.

And it's not even that the Cool Hunters have fallen for Babyplus's 20+year history of faked credentials, non-accredited non-studies, advertisements posing as research articles, falsified corporate histories, or undisclosed conflicts of interest. Forget fact-checking the damn thing, they don't even take credit/responsibility for the recommendation:

"The father of an extremely peaceful baby tipped us to the Baby Plus..."

"Reports say it makes little ones more calm, better nursers and smarter..."

It's just that-- I mean-- just look at that picture. Could that woman, in that shirt, on that floor, with that quilted kitchen timer strapped to her belly look any less cool? No, she could not.

fm3_buddhamachine_amzn.jpgSeriously. If you're going to ignore science completely, at least put an FM3 Buddha Machine in the pocket of your maternity hoodie to give the kid some chill vibes. Day-um.

Holiday Gift Guide | 18 Accessories for Kids [coolhunting via dt reader rolf]

Chill your womb or room right:
Buy the original FM3 Buddha Machine or Gristleism, their new loop machine colabo with Throbbing Gristle [amazon]

Previously: Just click on that babyplus tag up there for the complete DT investigative series on Babyplus's hilarious, never-ending bullshit.
Update: It has now been 15 months--and counting--since Dorel's Safety 1st subsidiary refused to explain why they're using the same bogus non-science to sell Babyplus under their own brand.


Um, do I get that right?
You strap a device to mum to induce... Mum-sounds?!
Brilliant marketing.

What a complete rip-off. It might even confuse the baby - 2 heartbeats? At $150 the markup must be massive.


Hee, confuse the baby into thinking it is the spawn of a 2-hearted alien being. Of course, if you fall for the "studies," maybe your child is better off being the spawn of a 2-hearted alien.

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