December 9, 2009

FLASH! Dadslapping At Brooklyn Starbucks!

starbuck_og.jpgWar? Depression? Global warming conferences? Serial, cross-country exploitation of a special needs child to sell a fact-challenged book? If ever there were a time this country needed fewer objects of righteous outrage, this is it. And yet here we are:

Brooklyn Heights Blog has an exclusive eyewitness report from Starbucks on Grace St, where a baby-hating dadslapper went on a rampage, not even letting a dad pick up his latte before lashing out:

I was in the Montague St Starbucks at 10:20 am today, maybe 10:25. A man outside had a baby in an upright-type stroller and was speaking with a woman who seemed very concerned. It seems that his child was fussing in the stroller while the man ( who I will call "Dad") was waiting for his drink. When the baby kept crying another man complained to Dad: when Dad did not leave and stayed to wait for his drink, the non-dad man slapped Dad on the back of the head.
Police were called, mass sympathies were expressed, but the dadslapper had long fled and is still believed to be at large.

I would ask where's the outrage, but the whole issue is pretty much put to rest by the first commenter on BHB:

Comment from David
Time: December 7, 2009, 1:18 pm

These metrosexual latte "Dads" have been on the radar of black coffee Anheuser-Busch "Slappers" since the smoking ban! One didn't need a meteorologist to see this storm brewing. Although I respect Starbucks as a monopoly, I still standby my belief that these sissy drinks should have always come with a side of head slap. That said, I still don't fully condone this type of behavior on Montague St nor Grace Court.

Metrosexual latte dads, you have been warned.

Dad Slapped at Starbucks: Brooklyn Heights Justice or Just Plain Crazy? [bhb via dt reader joshua]


"metrosexual latte dads"? "Anheuser-Busch black coffee slappers"? Surely commenter David is none other than fearsome generator of bullshit marketing vectors David Brooks. Amiright?

Does Denis Leary have an alibi?

(heterosexual latte dad)

watch it turn out to be a viral marketing stunt for his new sequel to Bobos in Paradise

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