December 7, 2009

So How's The Google Reader Now?

Folks who follow Daddy Types using Google Reader have been emailing the last few weeks to say that images don't show up.

Thanks to some sharp analysis by DT reader Chris, I finally think I've fixed the problem. If so, Google Reader readers should now be seeing what everyone else sees:

images of

1. the psychedelic light show canopy of the Edcom E001 Hexagonal Cognition Crib [relisted, btw, with a Buy It Now! price of $350, or make an offer!]


2. a woman on a Segway pushing a stroller, and

3. the image which some lamers hotlinked all over myspace or whatever and crashed my site, a baby duct-taped to the wall:


Ah! So much better! Thank you, thank you.

Congrats, you've fixed the problem :)

Glad I could help.

My Google Reader feed only shows the few first lines of any entry, and I have to click the link over here to see images and the rest of the entry. Have I been missing something this whole time?

You may be using an older RDF feed. Try instead.

I got the first three, but the Uma image didn't come through for some reason...

what's frightening [or not] is that I literally did not think of that one when I was, uh, racking my brain for images to test. it's fixed now.

Working beautifully now that I'm using That shot of Uma is awesome - I had to quickly minimize the page at work so people don't think I'm a perv.

Wha? Old feed? It's not supposed to be just the first few lines?

She's the DT patron saint of breastfeeding and/or Lilypadz invisible nipple protectors. Demand your right to Uma at work!

It's working! Hooray!

I am even happier than I should be about this development :) thanks!

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