December 6, 2009

Quirky Canada Has Own Laws, Stay At Home Dad Videos

I assume that since everyone follows DadCentric's Twitter feed, you've all already seen "Stay At Home Dad," the hilarious music sensation by Canada's second most popular YouTube star after Corey Vidal [the Star Wars acapella lipsync guy, remember him?] Montreal's very own Jon LaJoie. [It's la-ZHWA, even though he's from the side of town where they pronounce the "T."]

So I'll be brief:

1) Seriously, Canada, is it not enough that you've stolen all our movie and TV series production business, now you're taking over our YouTube, too?

2) Surfing through LaJoie's oeuvre [EHHR-vruh, btw], "Stay At Home Dad" may be his most mature work, at least in the Terrance and Phillip sense of the word. But when a dad tells fake-raps to you that his favorite Disney movie is Lion King II?? How can that not raise a few red flags about his judgment? Seriously, that thing when straight-to-video!


Want to add insult to injury? LaJoie is only a stay-at-home dad in the sense that he's home with the kids only for that brief period when they aren't in daycare.

This is baaaad on so many levels, but most of all, it's not good rap (duh, like we expected any from the land that gave us Barenaked Ladies and B4-4), and it's just not funny.

It was posted, you know, ironically. Because we're a bunch of aging hipster-dads.

Also, that sound you just heard? The movement just finished eating itself.

Between LaJoie and Ray Romano, the movement really needs to be taken out back and shot.

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