December 1, 2009

Here Come The Frey BC's

The Freygaboo auction just went live on eBay. No free shipping.

Giving it the Frey sign:


Closeup, I think that's Klingon on the left there:


Hmm, is the seat fabric painted, too? If only I'd stayed involved in this publicity event beyond the first couple of weeks last spring, I'd have an answer instead of a rhetorical question!

james frey custom bugaboo cameleon to celebrate world aids day, opening bid $980 + $36 s/h, auction ends Dec 11 [ebay]


I have to admit that I've rarely been less enthusiastic about an auction :-)

no sweat, I'm excited enough for both of us!!

DISCLOSURE: In accordance with FTC regulations which go into effect today, I hereby certify that my sheer and utter joy at the merest thought of this customized stroller and all the surrounding cross-promotional hoopla is entirely related to its superior design uniqueness, its unparalleled craftsmanship, the artistic vision and high-quality processes that went into its manufacture, the thoughtfully curated retail environment in which it will be displayed, and the vast sums its sale may generate for worthy, corporate-supported causes in lesser-developed countries, and is in no way influenced by any compensation, financial or merchandise consideration, or any contractual or commercial arrangements between Daddy Types and its employees and Bugaboo, its publicists and marketers and retailers, James Frey and his various fan clubs, and/or Genius Jones. Because there was none. It's just pure, unadulterated love, the kind that, along with Diet Coke, makes the world go 'round. Love love love love love.

Bugaboo really do not make an effort what so ever do they.

Can't say i will be bidding on, or even watching that auction

Wait - are we sure that's a real Bugaboo? Or did Frey build it in his garage and SAY that it's a Bugaboo?

Given Bugaboo's innate awesomeness, you would think they could choose artists who would make something you wanted to push your kid around in. Bumbleride had the awesome Bwana Spoons fabric. Geez.

Great cause, but I think I see the letters U-G-L-Y spelled out there on the side.

I for one, think it's awesome. And I hate the Bugaboo... so there. :O) But honestly, anytime a company is willing to donate to charity through an auction or however they see fit, I support them 100%. I also think that many are missing the point behind why James Frey is doing this. He and his own wife experienced the loss of their son last year just 11 short days after his birth. To know that kind of loss... well it's something that must of us are lucky enough to NEVER know. I think it's an amazing thing that he can come back from the loss of his own child and help raise money that will hopefully in turn save the lives of many other children.

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