December 1, 2009

Designers We Ripped-off, D'oh! We're Repentant!

Haha, in the middle of the reporting for Fast Company's long, devastating takedown of Design Within Reach, their screwed up CEO--the one who opened all the unprofitable stores and began proudly and systematically knocking off designers in pursuit of a few points of extra margin--got canned by the vulture/turnaround investors who saved the company from near-certain bankruptcy this summer.

Karma may be a bitch, but it sure makes for interesting reading.

The Rise and Fall of Design Within Reach [fastcompany via dt reader nelson]
Previously:DT busts DWR for ripping off Creative Playthings, all sorts of lawyerly shenanigans and lying ensue


thank you giving nelson credit for the tip. you made his day.

he's en fuego this week, 2-for-2.

thanks for blogging about my story! more feedback most welcome ...

Great story, even if I was hoping for a mention of the meteoric rise and fall of DWR Jax...

I haven't picked up a DWR catalog in a while, I had no idea they had sunk to knocking off Blu Dot. I still remember getting that first catalog, and then I remember being baffled a few years later that they were going public and opening dozens of stores all over the country. Talk about missing the point. What a strange company they turned out to be.

I'm wondering why nobody gives credit to Full Upright Position when mentioning DWR's rise and fall. FUP was way ahead of the curve on this one...only wish they were still around.

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