November 23, 2009

If It Was Only The Plush Mohel Scissors, It Would Have Been Enough

oy_toys_plush_mohel.jpgAh, Hannukah, you're almost here. One of DT's favorite Jews, Marjorie Ingall, has compiled a list of so-wrong-they're-almost-right Hannukah gifts, for the Jewish life & culture magazine Tablet. It is awesome. Check it out.

The ten plagues finger puppets, we already knew, of course, and the ten plagues plush dolls didn't make the cut. Oh, did someone say plush and cut? Because top on the list is the plush Mohel Dog Toy, "a great toy for dogs and kids!" which lets out a squeal when you squeeze it. I bet. From Oy Toys [seriously], $6.95. Wow.

Then there's Harvey Negila, the crazy dancing rabbi doll who looks like a cross between Vincent Vega, a Blues Brother, and a Mitzvah Tank driver. And there's the electronic dreidel, and so much more. But can anything top Hannukah Harry, aka Harry The Jewish Snowman, a 7-foot-tall inflatable lawn decoration, which could only be awesomer if it played Christmas favorites by Irving Berlin and Barbra Streisand.


Meanwhile, I've been inspired, and now I'm off to wander the online retail desert in search of plush ten commandment tablets, which I can leave out the entire holiday season.

Toy Vey [tabletmag via dt reader eric]

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thanks, greg!

my only toy-related regret is that the giant gazillion-part beis hamikdash you posted about a couple of weeks ago is not, in fact, extant. now THAT would have made my hanukah.

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