November 20, 2009

Bojesen Auction Awesomeness


See that, learning a new vintage toy is just like learning a new word: now you notice when they start turning up. Take this beautiful for example: the rattan doll pram Kay Bojesen designed in 1949 for Wengler, which is coming up at auction in Denmark. The wheels are a little worn, but otherwise, it looks to be in great condition. Though the estimate's high, it doesn't seem insane.

949/525, Dec. 1: Kay Bojesen: Rare doll's pram of cane and bamboo. Made by R. Wengler for Kay Bojesen. H. 73 cm., est EUR1050-1350 update: sold for just one bid, EUR940 []


Meanwhile, I almost didn't post this one because I wanted it myself. This awesome painted plywood soldier by Kay Bojesen stands 112cm tall and would look great in a nursery. What's more, the estimate's practically free. As far as giant, painted plywood Bojesens go, anyway.

949/560, Dec. 1: Kay Bojesen: Toy guardsman of plywood, decorated in rød, white, blue and black. H. 112 cm. est. EUR200-270. update: sold for just EUR295. [bruun-rasmussen]

Previously: Yes We Cane! Rattan Kids Furniture By Kay Bojesen [?!]

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