November 10, 2009

OG Ply At Design Council

You know how, though he made an entire nursery for his own kids in his listed-and-open-to-the-public house, and how he did a bunch of toys for them, too, this is the only picture of Erno Goldfinger's modernist toys that ever gets published anywhere? The plywood puzzle he designed for Abbatt Toys?


Well, the Design Council's massive photo archive which just went online has another Goldfinger toy picture. See? It's a lower plywood case alphabet! Completely different!


They also have a 1943 photo of the original molded ply Eames elephant [which they finally produced as a couple of limited editions before the economy imploded]. Such a nice patina. Where are the pictures of the rest of those animal prototypes?


The wife and K2 just left on a cross-country, grandparent road trip, and with the kid's bedtime behind me, these old-timey plywood micro-outrages are just the kind of thing I like to grapple with.

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