November 10, 2009

Factchecking The Childrearing Experts

You may remember NY Post reporter Jeremy Olshan from such blog posts as "My boys can swim, there just aren't that many of them,", "Brooklyn bike stores fix stroller flats!" and "Holy smokes, IVF means we have twins now!"

That was a sleepless year and a half ago. Now he's back to save the newspaper industry as the Post's official dadblogger. For his first post at his new joint, Dad on Arrival [heh], he tracked down the children of childrearing gurus to see how they turned out.

The short answer: just fine, no thanks to their dads' books. Good stuff.

Dad on Arrival: Ever wonder how well the children of parenting experts turned out? []


What a fun article. Hmm, I have several children all experiencing attachment parenting. They are kinda artsy. But, so are their parents. Nature? Nurture? Instinct? Congrats on this new column.


Actually, I remember Jeremey Olshan as then-boyfriend of one of my college friends. How funny to see him turn up here! Will have to follow his blog now, too.

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