November 3, 2009

Ill. Dad Files Class-Action Lawsuit Over Crossed Baby Monitor Signal


So while an Illinois mom breastfeeds in the nursery at all hours of the night and day, the dad chats with the new dad neighbor about how they must have the same brand of baby monitor, because they can totally pick up each others' signals, wonders if that means his neighbor is checking out his wife, and then files a class-action lawsuit against the manufacturer and Babies R Us, claiming fraud and invasion of privacy.

If I were a glass half-full type, I'd say this was an encouraging sign of a mom and dad working hard to balance the challenges of parenting. The presence of an army of contingency lawyers is just a bonus.

Lawsuit: Baby monitor invades privacy [ via wired]
Seriously? That's it? Read the court filing in 10-30-09 Denkov vs Summer Infant [pdf via docstoc]
Summer Night's Day & Night Baby Video Monitor only has two 900 Mhz channels []

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Not to worry, if my experience with Summer baby monitors holds true with this unit, it will be broken in a week.

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