October 28, 2009

Socialist Canadian Hospital Bassinet Impresses Some


DT reader and comrade to the North Cameron and his wife just welcomed their second kid--mazeltov/omedetou!--and all are doing well.

Or as well as can be expected for people trapped in the socialized medical hell of Canada, where Cam reports that the "creaky but kind of cool 70s era" hospital bassinets they wheeled their first kid around in have been replaced by this, an "institutional/industrial", fait-en-Quebec, tubular steel & plexi SurgMed Maternity Bassinet Decor. Oh, the insanity!

I'm sure the design bleakness of their country's single payer delivery room will haunt poor Cam and his family all the way through their several months of paid family leave.

SurgMed Maternity Bassinets Decor Series [surgmed.com via cam]


this cracked me up. thanks.
(soon-to-be-dad in Canada)

Months? you mean year (yes, not plural). It's really difficult living in this socialist hell. Oh well, off to leave my 2 youngest at their $7 a day daycare! Did I mention giving birth cost me nothing?

Well, to be fair, I'm self employed so I don't get childcare leave, although they've got a proposal on the table to extend benefits to us if we opt-in and pay employment insurance.

But yes, the nightmare of having a private room, without thinking about money ever, is finally over. (Or so we thought... they sent a community nurse to our house the day after we checked out -- to further indoctrinate our baby, no doubt.)

if I didn't have such a high deductible, my heart would bleed for you oppressively healthy Canadians.

Well, I must confess 40% of my income goes straight to taxes, but I figure I'm getting enough parental bang for my buck. But we don't have Trader Joe's up here, so all is not perfect.

Smurfette, ouch... I'm in BC - our combined federal/provincial rate is something like 21% for average income earners. (We make up for it with the starter homes that cost half a million dollars though.)

Hm, I'm looking at the bassinet my newborn is in (baby boy, born on Thursday morning) and thinking it is the same model. BCWH? The square window looks familiar.

Nope, St. Paul's. Wouldn't be surprised if that's the only Canadian-made hospital bassinet available though, kind of a niche product for a country this size, no?

(Maybe they bought their windows at the same place too.)

At our hospital we had this cold contraption made of stainless steel more suitable for a chemistry lab. That one looks great. In the company's defense I asked the hospital what was up with the stainless as it was so cold looking, she said we had $1200 to spend and at that budget the options are limited. Congrats to Surgmed.com at least for a Canadian made option. Maybe when we have our 3rd the designs will have changed yet again.

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