October 28, 2009

Devil breaks out ice skates as Honda announces Euro-Accord Wagon is US-bound

I couldn't post the details from the road, but I didn't think it could wait. Autoblog actually reports that Honda has actually announced the Euro-spec Accord Tourer will actually be coming to the US as a 2011 Acura TSX sport wagon.

That's right, an honest-to-goodness mid-sized European station wagon is headed to the United States without being momhandled into a crossover. Close your sunroofs, because pigs have just been spotted flying up the Eastern seaboard.

update: Whoops, that's the older model up there. Here's a pic of the current Honda Accord Tourer from last year's Geneva Auto Show:

BREAKING: Acura confirms Euro Honda Accord Tourer coming as TSX sport wagon! [autoblog via dt reader seth]


That's a photo of the last generation one, isn't it? I recall seeing one in front of the Shinagawa Prince Hotel thinking "Whoa, look at that overhang out back..."

Still good news all around, until we see the sticker anyway and quietly shuffle back to the VW dealer.

whoops, wrong picture. The current model debuted at Geneva last year.

Call me a whiner, but if it's badged an Acura, it will have their current smilin' snowplow/ Schick razor nose on it, which makes me want to retch every time I see it, although the current TSX is not as bad as the MDX.

The current model should allow for a fairly easy integration of Acura's hideous grill.
Now if only they'd give it to us with AWD and a diesel we'd be all set. Oh, also would love to see it with a Honda badge to keep the price down but I guess the folks at Honda think we want the crosstour instead.

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