October 23, 2009

Busty Meccano Nanny & Pram By Andreas Konkoly


This won't be news to the readers of Pram Watch, the official blog of the Pram Museum, but to the few stragglers and delinquents among us, I say take note:

"All nannies have a motherly bosom, and if you are sketching a cartoon nanny with the minimum of detail, the bun and bust are obligatory."

To properly execute this bosom in Meccano, follow the late Hungarian Master Meccano Objet Engineer Andreas Kolonky's instructions closely: The besoms are No. 6a, two No. 23d and two 147b parts." and "According to Photo D we cover the breasts with a bent No. 5 part."

et, voila! Or whatever the equivalent is in Hungarian.

Meccano Pram [pramwatch.com]
Konkoly's Nurse by Simon Johnson [dalefield.com]

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