October 19, 2009

Yes, Please, Thanks: Lego Kitchen By Simon Pillard & Philippe Rosetti


Damn, but I love/hate the Internet. How a simple idea, beautifully executed, can race around the world in serendipitous hops and jumps, shedding facts and context along the way.

I don't know who Philippe Simon and Pillard Rosetti or Phillippe Simon and Pillard Roessti are, but Simon Pillard are Philippe Rosetti are a couple of young Paris fashion types with day jobs who collaborate under the name Munchausen on things like Fornasetti-lookin' hipster t-shirts. For their own kitchen redo, they spent a week applying 20,000+ Lego bricks to an Ikea island. It looks awesome. I want one.

As only The Cool Hunter originally pointed out, the kitchen was shot by Hrvoje Goluza for some recent issue of Maison Francaise. Goluza's flickr contains the full set. Meanwhile, somewhere in Canada, Douglas Coupland is sighing and wondering if everyone forgot about Microserfs. Not everyone! The Oop! project lives! [via curbed]

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