October 18, 2009

The Man Who Changes Diapers In The Ladies Room Changes The World


With his invention of this revolutionary, printable warning sign, Andy from NonToxicReviews has written a glorious new chapter in the history of the involved dad rallying cry, "The man who changes diapers changes the world."

Until he figures out how to attach it to the door, though, his mother-in-law still has to stand guard outside, but I think I have the solution, spotted yesterday next to the mens room changing table at a Target [the 4th gigantic suburban grocery store to have no canned pumpkin in the middle of freakin' pumpkin pie season, whatupwiddat?]: A customized HandyCone.

The HandyCone is spring-loaded and stores easily with an attached strap or, like I saw it, in a mountable storage tube right by the restroom door. Until restaurants and stores and such outfit their own womens' restroom entrances with HandyCones, the diaper-changing dad can simply pack a cone in his diaper bag or stroller. [It's available in two sizes]. Here's my crude mockup:


If I can see over the bathroom stall, it's only because I'm standing on the shoulders of giants.

Using the ladies room to change a diaper [nontoxicreviews.com]


Pity about the type, though.

That's "typo." Ironic.

couldn't he just use scotch tape?

Ooo, I like this idea. My 5 year old son has reached the age where he no longer wants to go in the women's bathroom, but is not yet at age where I am comfortable letting him go in the men's room alone... we try to find family bathrooms to make everyone happy, but I could toss a warning sign in my bag for if I ever need to chaparone in the men's room.

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