October 16, 2009

Was That Kid Riding In A Love'N'Care Pram When He Got Run Over By That Train?

So you've probably already seen this video from a CCTV camera in Melbourne, Australia of a stroller with a 6-month-old kid in it, heading right over the edge of the platform just as the train comes. So you know the kid's fine, just a scratch on his forehead.

And so naturally, you're wondering, "Who makes this train-proof stroller??" And yet, no one's thought to ask.

A three-wheel, swiveling jogger with white sidewalls, but the canopy's not a Phil & Teds?

After much poking around, I'm leaning toward the Love 'N Care X-Trail Jogger, which seems to have recently been discontinued. Any other speculation, feel free to send it along via email [the comments are down for a while, should be back up Saturday.]


update: Pram Curator wonders if it's the Baby Love Metropolis [below], assuming it's still in production. As the curator notes, the stroller has the big red footbrake required on all strollers sold in Australia beginning last summer. [AFAIK, Baby Love is Australian for Graco, where big red footbrakes are standard issue.]


The new regulation was prompted by "the deaths of two babies in separate drownings after their prams rolled into the Torrens River in Adelaide, and five cases of prams rolling off train platforms in NSW" in 2005.

Just another day on Prison Island.

better video: Baby hit by train and survives - video released

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