October 16, 2009

Let The Studio-Sponsored Rumpus Start

If you're a movie publicist looking for some online social media buzz in advance of your release, you should totally friend or dm Bunch. They're like the Baby Loves Disco of Canada, and with their malining list, they could definitely pull together a sweet, fun, totally on-brand party that is highly bloggable, tweetable, and flickrable.

Be sure to give yourself a couple of weeks for content and messaging to propagate via RT, digg and reddit. And don't forget to provide tutorials and tips across multiple channels so users can host their own [unpaid] rumpuses!

We are sending a challenge out to the world to create your own wild rumpuses. In your basement, in your backyard, or in a night club with 500 other roaring kids channeling their inner Max, we challenge you to be unique and to get inspired to create an experience everyone can enjoy.

Wild Rumpus: Yahoo! Canada Photo Booth flickr set from the Bunch [o' Canadians] World Wild Rumpus [bunchfamily.ca via bunch's social media person]
Related: Hosting Your Windows 7 Launch Party [youtube]

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