October 14, 2009

Conran Nursery At Heathrow Is New To Me, Anyway

vacs_conran_lhr_nursery.jpgWhen we were flying to Japan with the kid, we'd sometimes stop into the nursery in the Kansai airport. It was the sole pinprick of enjoyment in that desolate, soulless disaster of an airport. [Seriously, Renzo, W. T. F.?] It's staffed by a nanny/attendant who was always polite and helpful, showering us with little packs of baby snacks for the plane. But it's completely unremarkable, design-wise.

Not so the nursery in Terminal 1 at Heathrow, which was designed by the Conran Group. Apparently it's white with all-over supergraphics in bold reds and yellows, and it's full of custom, kid-sized foam furniture and play structures. Like this giant triple dumbbell/jack thing, for example.

Or at least it was when the terminal opened in 1968. Now it's a Sunglass Hut or whatever.


Integrated Scheme for new Heathrow Terminal, Design, 1969 [vacs.ahds.ac.uk]
Prototype of semi-rigid foam play structure for Heathrow, Conran Design Group, 1968 [vacs.ac.uk]

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