October 12, 2009

Tibor Gergely X Lucy Sprague Mitchell Throwback Colabos


The awesomely named Tibor Gergely fled the Nazis for New York, where he illustrated one million Golden Books, plus the two Important Wartime Lesson stories the AFISA-Hollywood Animation Archive recently posted. They're just a taste of what's to come; seems Gergely's heirs are preparing to release a whole bunch more of the artist's work online.

"Watch Me!" Said The Jeep is fine, but I have to give a shoutout to The Red, White, and Blue Car, which pairs Gergely's fine artwork with an odd, intermittently rhymed story about carpooling and MacGyvering by none other than Lucy Sprague Mitchell.

LSM was the Founding Mother Of Preschool, Education, And Modern Childhood As We Know It, as well as the founder of the Bank Street School, and the Bank Street Writers program, which served as the incubator/matchmaker for Goodnight Moon. None of that held Mitchell back from collaborating on at least two more slice-of-modern-life children's books with Gergely: The Taxi That Hurried (1946) and A Year In The City (1948). Both are out of print but available in bulk on Amazon.

Golden Book: Tibor Gergely's Early Children's Books [animationarchive.org via thingsmagazine]


wow! noodoll loves these illustrations and hopes to get himself a copy! www.noodoll.com

haha, noodoll is the manolo of kawaii.

I need 2 copies of "red white & blue auto" by mitchell/gergely. where can I purchase them??

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