October 7, 2009

Will Make Kid Work For Gift Card: Gap & Disney Launch Child Labor Contest


Gap Kids and Baby Gap have launched their 4th annual "casting call" in partnership with Disney Family.com to find the new faces for its February 2010 in-store ad campaign. What a perfect marketing campaign for the new depression: giant "family" companies urging thousands of parents [sic] to push their kids into a months-long, vote-grubbing promotition to win one of four temporary jobs--which don't even pay cash money, only gift cards and tote bags.

To help spread the word about their charismatic Casting Call contestant, parents can also create a "printable," an adorable mini Gap shopping bag photo holder with arms and legs to showoff their aspiring model. When parents submit a photo of their child, they can opt to print out the printable character that sits on the edge of a table or desk and holds a "Vote for me" sign.
Also from the press release, this statement which goes a long way toward explaining why nothing ever came of the consulting gig Family.com approached me about a couple of ears ago and why I'll never end up selling Daddy Types to Disney, Emily Smith, VP - Disney Online Mom and Family Portfolio says, "In addition to inspiring great ideas for family life, Disney Family.com and the Gap are now giving moms a chance to showcase the kids that make it all worthwhile."

If you're still desperate, there's more info at gap.com/castingcall. Oh wait, that goes to Disney Family.com, which is really just Family.com. Except that it's family.go.com/gapcastingcall/?cmp=OTC-Gap-Vanity. Nuff said.

Gap Celebrates Its Casting Call in The Big Apple, Part of Nationwide Search for the New Faces of babyGap and GapKids [prnewswire]
image: Sharecropper kids wore khakis, by Dorothea Lange [loc.gov]

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some of Gap's best work has been done by kids


I woulda gone for this, from about 10 miles south of where I sit now.

Hmmm...maybe I'll submit that and put it on a cute totebag.

Oh, and yes, the DisGap thing is humiliating on so many levels.

the whole thing makes me wanna hurl.

There is a very active discussion of this year's Gap Casting Call contest (over 800 comments so far) going on over at this thread http://bit.ly/OdxkD on my blog. As it stands right now, a lot of folks have reported having trouble entering this year's contest and many people are "curious" about some entrants receiving massive amounts of fan votes.

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